Child Support

Child support is based on the incomes or earning capacities of the parents. With few exceptions, expenses are not considered. If you are responsible for paying child support or if you think you are eligible to receive support, it is important to contact an experienced child support attorney as soon as possible.

In Pennsylvania, child support is governed by predetermined support guidelines, but there are many factors that can affect how the child support guidelines are applied. If a parent quit or was fired from employment, an earning capacity may be assessed against that parent whether or not new employment is obtained. If you are self-employed, your net income may fluctuate significantly from one month to the next and a reasonable estimate of current income can be difficult to gauge. Does a parent receive commissions, bonuses or other incentive pay that can be applied toward child support? Are benefits or perks provided in lieu of pay? Are you required to contribute to a retirement plan? These factors and many more can greatly impact a child support order. When you contact Staley O’Gorman Family Law Practice, we can provide the experienced legal representation you need to ensure that your child support order is accurate.

To find out more about the amount of child support you could be expected to pay or the support you are entitled to receive, or to learn more about any family law topic, contact us.

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