Domestic Violence and Protection from Abuse Orders

The law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania protects people who have been victimized, or whose children have been victimized, by domestic violence and abuse. It also protects those who have been falsely accused of committing an act of domestic violence. Abuse is not just physical abuse. Abuse is also stalking, harassing or threatening physical abuse. While there is no excuse for abusive behavior, we also know that the Protection from Abuse process is sometimes misused by separating or divorcing individuals who are seeking some sort of revenge or who want their partner removed from a shared residence. In either case, it is important to know your rights under the law and to have the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney to protect your rights.

If you believe you have been abused, if you have been wrongly accused of abuse, or if you are a victim of domestic violence and require a protection from abuse order, contact us.

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