Prenuptial Agreements

In our society, divorce is prevalent. However, most people entering into marriage don’t plan for that possibility with a prenuptial agreement, commonly referred to as a prenup. Admittedly, the breakup of your marriage is not what you want to think about when you are planning a wedding. Maybe you should think about a prenuptial agreement. Do you want to limit your liability for your spouse’s pre-existing debt? Is this your second marriage? Do you want to be sure your children from your first marriage retain your property if you die? Do you plan to give up your career and your own financial independence to raise children? If your spouse cheats, do you want to limit his or her right to property or alimony?

A prenuptial agreement is an agreement between two parties planning to get married. It can establish how certain property is to be divided or how support is to be paid in the event of separation, divorce or death. Given that studies suggest as many as half of all marriages end in divorce, a prenup is something every person contemplating marriage should consider.

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